A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

As the parasite, nothing else matters as long as you reach your goal. Infect, possess and control your victims. Hide within your hosts and use them to reach your objective.
But beware! , the hosts will die from the putrid Infection when you leave them, so plan your moves to infect them at the right moment, in the right order.

Made by GuilleST and DoggieBalloon for the Godot Wild Jam #2! https://itch.io/jam/godot-wild-jam-2


  Joystick("Xbox Syntax") / Keyboard - Action

                     Left Stick/ Arrow keys - Move
                             Joystick(A)/ Space - Jump/Dash
                                       Joystick(X)/ C - Infect creatures
                                       Joystick(Y)/ X - Leave infected creatures                                                           Right Stick/ Lshift + arrow keys - Look around                
                                   Joystick(RB)/ R - Restart Level     (You will need it in case you screw up the puzzles. Also please use this in case you find a game breaking bug!)

The tileset, background and music were not made by us, but they are Royalty Free Assets. If you like them please check out their respective creators:

https://incompetech.com/            Music            Incompetech Inc.
https://jesse-m.itch.io/jungle-pack        Background         "Jesse M."    
http://blog-buch.rhcloud.com            Tileset            "Buch"

Awesome tools we used!:

Godot Engine 3.1 alpha: https://godotengine.org/
Chiptone:         http://sfbgames.com/chiptone/
Piskel           https://www.piskelapp.com/


Mindless Vessel Mac.rar 18 MB
Mindless Vessel Windows.rar 14 MB
Minless Vessel Linux.rar 14 MB


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Really nice idea. That ending is great!
Easy controls and easy understanding of the concept of the game. Congratulations!


Really nice game, maybe rogue-lite. I think the game idea is related to Eatvolve https://papadar.itch.io/eatvolve

Thank you so much! Hope you made it to the end, I will definitely check Eatvolve out.


What a a great idea for a game. I did a video and had 20 minutes play and really enjoyed.  I did have a problem taking over some of the creatures, I had to spam the x button on my controller but finally go there and some of the gaps. Wow, all in all a great play and well done DEVS.

Good Luck


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You don't know how amazing it is to watch people play your game! It was a very funny playthrough, and I'm aware some people have been experiencing trouble with the infect mechanic. The problem i have to fix is that the characters must not be overlapping but rather facing eachother, that means the last movement you make before infecting has to be in the direction of your target. Sorry if it felt unfair at times, thank you for playing!

Edit: Aaannnd it should be fixed! thanks for the feedback!